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More fab web sites to help you to be a math-nagician :)

maths help

Great place to practice your doubling and halving!


I have changed the address of our class blog
Your username and password will still work- log on here:

Or email to

New Ash class children; I will give you all the details for logging in when term starts so don't worry :)
Happy holidays.

Maths helping at home

Great site to help you help your child with maths

Our apps

Have fun looking at our apps on Thursdays

Our class blog

Use the link to log on to our blog to send me posts. I have given the user name and password to you.
You can also email me a post to or use the contact form on the blog.
Don't forget to always put your name (first name only) in the tag box or on the comment form so that I know who it is from :)


If it is too cloudy to see the moon, use the link above or the one below to see what it looks like.
You can even choose a date from the past or in the future!
How cool is that?

Our blogging

Check out the links on the blog for lots of things to do, facts to find out, interesting things to read and best of all...your space to write whatever you like on!!
Enjoy, visit often, leave comments and write for a real audience.
What are you waiting for?

lots of space pages

Class dojo

We will be using this in class alongside our class charter and traffic light systems. We will discuss the ways in which points are gained or lost during circle and RAINBOW times to ensure that it fits in with our behaviour policy.
Children can access at home to personalise their avatars.

Greek myths

Visit this site to read some more myths online to help you with the work we are doing in class at the moment :)

Olympic websites

Here are some sites to find out more about the Olympics-


If you want to send me your 100WC, you can use the comment box or you can email it to

mole splatting times tables

This is a fun way to improve your tables :)

Monster tables

More tables games

Times tables fun games

Some fun activities to help you with your times tables

Home webpages

Check these out if you are short of things to do over the halfterm...

Tile maker

Times tables

Times tables

Times tables


Great place to practise your measures skills

Find the fossil

Have fun finding the bones

Our class email

You can email your homework to me at


Your child has been given a username and login for this exciting resource. Please take time to look at it with your child and encourage your child to use it on a regular basis. Certificates will be awarded in school.

Great maths site

Super site to help you with place value


This is a great site to use to support what we do in school

More fractions, decimals and percentages.

This will help you improve your skills

Fractions decimals and percentages

Really great place to go.

More time practise

Time telling

There are some fabulous activities here to help you tell the time. You are, in Year 5, expected to be able to be able to do this. Give these a go- they will help you.


We can log on as classash user and classash password to access all the activities on this great site. use the code : rvnuqj to access games

Great site to use when you are researching anything

Grammar practise

Reading and Spelling practise

Year 5 spelling lists and activities

Times tables practise

maths help and fun

Healthy eating

Healthy food

What's New


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